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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nanyang girl's School in SL for The National Institute of Education - Singapore

Client: National Institute of Education, Singapore

RL Build: Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore

If you've been in group chat you've probably heard me bitching talking about this particular build project. A random person messaged me wanting to know if I could make a grade school for them for what sounded like a massive project for this teacher.. The odd part of this is they had no idea I could build. They had just seen a mountain landscape I made for the PBS Arizona build.

Normally I do not take build projects for anyone. There are a few exceptions such as the Duchess of Skye and I have worked for Nokia-Seimens among other things but I was intrigued by the concept of what they needed the building for.

The NIE is a national board of school authority for many countries but this one was solely focusing on Singapore. It is a project by design that takes potential teachers and teachers aides and brings them together in a virtual world where they role play as children and take turns teaching each other. I thought the idea was ingenious and interesting so I became a slave accepted the request.

To learn more about the NIE please visit: http://www.nie.edu.sg/office-education-research

They wanted a school to resemble the schools of Singapore and one look at what they sent me as a reference had me going 'Oh hell no.' I won't waste your time with a picture, the photos I was given are grey concrete slabs with windows. I warned them repeatedly I do not create modern buildings but they were adamant having me. I looked at potential schools and found one that had the right amount of modern but kept an element of old world I am very used to building.

I found the Nanyang Girls High School that caught my eyes. Instead of grey concrete it had actual brick and colored glass. It is a private secondary school in Singapore for girls. To learn more about Nanyang visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanyang_Girls'_High_School

Nanyang Girl's School 

I'm sure they weren't really expecting a building like the one I picked. It was a surprise to them and I'm still not sure they liked what I picked but I like it and its massive. Seriously this is the biggest building I've ever created in SL. I spared no expense with prims either. *mad cackle

To visit the NIE in SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduIsland%209/143/193/26

You can't miss it, its the biggest building on the sim. And oddly enough, smack next door to the other building I created for PBS. Visit them both!

Another RL View of Nanyang Girl's School

Nanyang in SL

Front View of the School

The Gym

Overall I had fun building this despite the overlords and how much they think I'm not worth as a builder.