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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nanyang girl's School in SL for The National Institute of Education - Singapore

Client: National Institute of Education, Singapore

RL Build: Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore

If you've been in group chat you've probably heard me bitching talking about this particular build project. A random person messaged me wanting to know if I could make a grade school for them for what sounded like a massive project for this teacher.. The odd part of this is they had no idea I could build. They had just seen a mountain landscape I made for the PBS Arizona build.

Normally I do not take build projects for anyone. There are a few exceptions such as the Duchess of Skye and I have worked for Nokia-Seimens among other things but I was intrigued by the concept of what they needed the building for.

The NIE is a national board of school authority for many countries but this one was solely focusing on Singapore. It is a project by design that takes potential teachers and teachers aides and brings them together in a virtual world where they role play as children and take turns teaching each other. I thought the idea was ingenious and interesting so I became a slave accepted the request.

To learn more about the NIE please visit: http://www.nie.edu.sg/office-education-research

They wanted a school to resemble the schools of Singapore and one look at what they sent me as a reference had me going 'Oh hell no.' I won't waste your time with a picture, the photos I was given are grey concrete slabs with windows. I warned them repeatedly I do not create modern buildings but they were adamant having me. I looked at potential schools and found one that had the right amount of modern but kept an element of old world I am very used to building.

I found the Nanyang Girls High School that caught my eyes. Instead of grey concrete it had actual brick and colored glass. It is a private secondary school in Singapore for girls. To learn more about Nanyang visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanyang_Girls'_High_School

Nanyang Girl's School 

I'm sure they weren't really expecting a building like the one I picked. It was a surprise to them and I'm still not sure they liked what I picked but I like it and its massive. Seriously this is the biggest building I've ever created in SL. I spared no expense with prims either. *mad cackle

To visit the NIE in SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduIsland%209/143/193/26

You can't miss it, its the biggest building on the sim. And oddly enough, smack next door to the other building I created for PBS. Visit them both!

Another RL View of Nanyang Girl's School

Nanyang in SL

Front View of the School

The Gym

Overall I had fun building this despite the overlords and how much they think I'm not worth as a builder.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspired by RL - The Casbah - Steelhead Port Harbor

Music, dance and general culture of the exotic East. What will the ships bring to Port Harbor?
Only time will tell...

Casbah in Steelhead Port Harbor

I was commissioned by Mrs. Peterman (Nabila Nadir) to create a moorish style build on a grandiose scale that encompasses the feel of the orient for The Casbah. She wanted to put on a historic styled oriental dances with historical information on the bellydancing displays of the orient and a few rentable rooms as well as a small dock for boats.

If you haven't gone to see one of her shows, it simply is a must. The hazy air thick with opium, the pillows scattered about brilliantly colored floors as the dancers put on an excellent show. The shows start at 9pm SLT after the town hall meeting.


Every view of the building is simply a treat for the eyes, working together with Mrs. Peterman we came up with various pictures that served as inspiration for The Casbah. The entire building was created by myself, the rich lush textures were created by Mrs. Peterman to create this unique standing building in Port Harbor.

The view looking up from ground level.
The Moorish style lamp created by Mrs. Peterman.

Closer detail of the textures and lamp.

RL moorish styled lamp.

RL moorish interior.

Street entrance to The Casbah.

Partial inspiration I used for the exterior of The Casbah.

RL Casbah Interior

It created for a beautiful showcase build in Steelhead City. Please visit the Casbah and look around, or come to one of its amazing dances.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Steelhead Public Library - Steelhead Capital City

When the City of Steelhead grew the need for a larger library was evident. I took inspiration from the Library of Congress to recreate a smaller scale version of it for the city.

Real Life - Library of Congress

From Wikipedia Source: 

"The Library of Congress was built by Congress in 1800, and was housed in the United States Capitol for most of the 19th century. After much of the original collection had been destroyed during the War of 1812, Thomas Jefferson sold 6,487 books, his entire personal collection, to the library in 1815. After a period of decline during the mid-19th century the Library of Congress began to grow rapidly in both size and importance after the American Civil War, culminating in the construction of a separate library building the transference of all copyright deposit holdings to the Library. During the rapid expansion of the 20th century the Library of Congress assumed a preeminent public role, becoming a "library of last resort" and expanding its mission for the benefit of scholars and the American people."

To learn more about the Library of Congress please visit:

The Second Life recreation:

Due to the limited space I only used part of the facade of the RL build for The Steelhead Public Library. There are various readings held within the library and events and more information about the Library systems of SecondLife. It is a one of a kind build not found anywhere else on the grid. Do stop in to learn more of the library.

Visit the Location at:

Financed by CeAire and Hawc Decosta
Run by Riven Homewood
Built by TotalLunar Eclipse & Tensai Hilra

Ceiling Skylights inside the Real Life Library of Congress:

Recreated in SecondLife.

Playing with the shadow features in Second Life inside the Steelhead Public Library.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

125 Grand Central Avenue - Steelhead Capital City

Brownstone Number Two
125 Grand Central Avenue

I am unsure what the building is called I just saw the photo and grabbed it as a build idea and it translated to the bottom photo. Seen on the corner of Grand Central Avenue and Harbor View Way in Main Steelhead City.